Privredni savetnik – Informacione tehnologije

Privredni savetnik – Informacione tehnologije (PS.IT), is a software development company with focus primarily on business software solutions.
Our goal is to improve the performance of our clients by introducing our off-the shelf and custom made solutions into their business. Scope of our key product is a ready-made software solution for small and medium sized enterprises, ranges from accounting to human resource management and covers basically all typical necessities of small and medium sized business.
With strong ties to Privredni savetnik – a leading consultant company for accounting and finance in Serbia – we are able to bring to our clients the expertise in local legislative regulations and business procedures together with IT know-how and software development skills.
As we are already well positioned in the Serbian market of the ready-made software solutions, especially in areas of accounting, payroll and HRM, we are in process of expanding our operations in the region.

About us

Improvement of productivity of our clients by implementing our software solutions.
Design, development and implementation of enterprise software products.
Years long experience in development of software solutions, active attitude when faced with the challenges and persistence in building our relationships with customers and partners vouch for our reliability.
Consists of professionals in the fields of IT, software developments and accounting.

Our clients


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